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The Argonaut

By Christina Campodonico

Trendy shops and restaurants cashing in on Abbot Kinney Boulevard cool can sometimes feel a little too Rodeo Drive to be real, and the local vibe might get a little lost amid all the tourists and big name brands on the block.

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Celebrity Interview: Maria Bello

Curious where the stars shine on the west side? Read up on Maria Bello's favorites:
We often scooter over to Abbot Kinney for popsicles or go to Wabi-Sabi, a great sushi restaurant. Yeah, most of my weekends are spent on Abbot Kinney Boulevard!

LA Eater Votes

The reformed menus at this rather gorgeous Venice mainstay gives the place a completely different feel. The food menu feels very much like the vibe-y Japanese food you'd find in West Hollywood, while the wine and cocktail offerings feel updated for 2017. Step in, hang out, drink up, and enjoy.

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Ray Wicks on Drinks & Cuba

Wabi Sabi spirits expert Ray talks about the wine and spirits at Wabi Sabi Venice. Giving a great review of what the restaurant and bar world is all about. Curious about what's happening with Cuba, here's your review.

Booziest Cocktails!

 If you’re in need of a spirituous drink that packs a punch yet still manages a subdued floral balance, go for the Adios Tokyo, a name play on the classic booze baths of Tokyo Tea and Adios Motherfu**er, two well-known drinks that will get you well-sauced.

Well & Good on Mezcal

“Mezcal has tones of earth, ash, smoke, wood, dirt, rock, and farm animal,” says Ray Wicks, mixologist at Wabi Venice in Los Angeles. (Okay, I know that doesn’t make it sound super appealing, but it really is tasty.) Wicks’ colleague behind the bar, Conner Mitchell, adds, “Basically, when you drink mezcal, you feel like you’re being grounded on the inside. It’s an incredible intoxicant.”

Wabi Venice Update!

 For years, Venice denizens have likely seen or visited Wabi Sabi along Abbot Kinney, a kind of hip neighborhood sushi joint everyone could get behind. Except in years past, things had gotten a bit stale. Enter Sam Marshall and Tricia Small. Marshal spearheaded the redesign (he’s also done Laurel Hardware, Gjelina, and Ollo, among others) while Trisha Small took over ownership of the restaurant about seven months ago, performing a lengthy interior remodel.

Wabi Hosts EAT ART

Poet James Berkowitz will curate ARTravenous, a celebration of life, art, culture, poetry, and music at the Canal Club, 2025 Pacific Avenue, and Wabi Sabi, at 1635 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, will host the “EAT ART/Before They Go” exhibit by artist Barbara Lavery and photographer Debbie Zeitman.